Mommy/baby spin class

It seems like alot of positive things are happening almost by accident as I build my Spinning studio and get ready to open.

One of my friends, who is a new mom, had the idea of having a class where moms could come and get a good workout in while their babies watched on.

Today was my second mommy/baby spin class. To be honest ,  I must admit that last week I must have been a bit of a deer in the headlights with moms on and off the bike to attend to their little ones, babies all over the floor, a dog watching on, while I tried to keep the attention of the participants.

Once I realized I just needed to roll with it , I had so much fun in both classes, and it seems like the moms are enjoying it too.  They all worked really hard, got a great workout and had lots of laughs in the process. I think they are enjoying their Tuesday morning workouts.

This class will most definitely be a staple once my studio is up and running. I’m always open to suggestions of how I can make this class more practical and fun for the moms, so feel free to pipe in with any suggestions.


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3 Responses to Mommy/baby spin class

  1. cecily says:

    I love the mommy class. We are all big multitaskers at work and now that were on mat leave we have baby and multitask 100x more than usual. You did amazing at keeping the class going even though we were on and off the bikes every couple minutes. I love that we are now making the class longer so we all get at least 45 minutes of a workout.

    • Thanks, Cec.

      So I am going to make the playlist an hour long tomorrow. Do you think I should make longer than that? I think that should be good but we can do that tomorrow and see how it goes.

      Hope you are well! See you tomorrow!

  2. Parker Pearson-Maurer says:

    Just thinking out loud …
    It’d be cool if there was an inexpensive way to put the babies “eye” level/within reach/in front of the mommies while they spin … that way they could make faces, entertain, keep an eye on, know when they woke up, etc. — plus, they’d be able to pop binkies back in their mouths without getting off the bikes.
    When I worked in restaurants, we’d flip a highchair over so the car seat could nestle inside and be higher than on a regular chair … I don’t think they were designed to do this, it just happens to work perfectly.
    check it out …

    Then again, if you make faces like I do when I spin … you might frighten your baby. 🙂

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