Spinning and Running

On my way out for my run on Sunday

I am in the final stages of training for the BMO Vancouver Marathon.

In the last few months or so, as things got busier with the Spin classes at home, getting the business moving forward,  as well as the intensity of training going up a few levels, it has turned into quite a balancing act.  I have had to be sure that I get my high intensity runs in, while still teaching quality classes.

I’ve been able to keep up my paces and intensity of my runs by, over time, learning to not necessarily “do” the classes. It isn’t in my make up to go easy when I am working out. I still find myself pushing a bit harder than I should as an instructor, but  I am coming out stronger on the other end and it has really benefited my running.

I’ve surprised myself more than once over the past few weeks when I went out for a tough run , wondering if I would hit the paces prescribed by my coach.

My turnover has gotten faster which is largely from the run training but the faster spinning cadence has also really helped.  My recovery has improved as well.  I often tell people that the toughest part of training at this level is recovering quickly enough to be ready for the next intense workout.

I’d encourage anyone, after a long run or tough tempo session to spend 45 minutes at light tension on an indoor or outdoor bike and see for themselves how it speeds up their recovery. I used to do this long ago, even before I knew what Spinning was, and saw the benefits.

I will be shooting for a sub 3 hour marathon on May 1st.  Great coaching by my high school friend Bobby Hooper, disciplined, hard training and the added Spin workouts over the past month or so seem to have put me in a solid position to hit my goal.

3 more weeks until I will be at the start line.

I am  ready physically and mentally to run the race but more excited to be able to add more classes to the schedule once this this marathon is finished. The toughest part for me right now is turning people away. Especially people who are new to working out, Spinning or are just getting back into a routine and are enjoying it.  I have a few really nice success stories already.

Very soon, I will be able to accommodate everyone and that is driving me right now.

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