Ironman, 2:55 marathoner, and new to Spinning

Just a quick one today.

A good friend of mine , training partner and Ironman came over for a class a few weeks ago with his wife Heather. Neither had never done a Spin class before, and wondered what type of workout they’d get.

Jeff and I have been running and training together for the last three years since I first moved to Vancouver. He is really the only person I run with on a semi regular basis. We’ve both experienced lots of ups and downs of training but for the most part, really enjoy and are motivated by each other’s accomplishments.

The great thing about Spinning is you can go as hard or easy on any particular day. Its super intense if you want it to be and if you want to go easy that day, for whatever reason, that’s OK too.

Jeff is the first and only participant so far that was actually talking to himself at the end of the climbs, to push himself harder and faster up the hill. Knowing Jeff as I do, I am not surprised.

Below is the end result of the class.

Jeff Seeley- sweat

Jeff is quite concerned that no one beats his “sweat record”. 🙂  I think its safe for a while.

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