8 Days Until The Marathon

San Jose Half Marathon- looking for the finish line

I’m in the final stage of my training for the BMO marathon on May 1st.

This training phase has been by far the most intense training I’ve put myself through and I’ve enjoyed most of it. Somehow I can actually say I enjoy pushing myself to the point that I’m doubled over after an interval, just long enough to get ready for the next one. I’ve always liked seeing how hard I can push myself from a cardio standpoint.

I’ve run into some hip flexor issues that have been really tough to shake, and have been sick for the past 3 or 4 days but I am taking this as a blessing in disguise. The hip seems to be getting better with the forced rest. I’ll have a better idea after my run tomorrow. Lets hope its behind me by next Sunday. I have an appointment with my RMT early next week and if anyone can make a huge impact on an injury, she can!

As long as I get to the start line with a relatively healthy hip, the extra rest from being sick and healing will do me good. Running or exercising when you are sick just sets you back even more and would be counterproductive, its just sometimes hard to reassure yourself of that, when you’ve worked so hard for so long. The idea of “sweating it out”, in my opinion, is garbage. You need that extra energy to heal. Patience, patience, patience as my coach would say.

I must admit though, that even with all of my running experience, its not easy to convince myself that I am not losing fitness with less than optimal running over the past three weeks, trying to get the hip feeling right.

I know I was fitter than I have been in my entire life about three weeks ago so I’ll keep that in my mind moving forward until the gun goes off.

One way or the other, I’ll be at the starting line raring to go.

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  1. John Archer says:

    Here’s what it’s like to run a marathon: “My Marathon” Hope you like it. http://johnarcher11.wordpress.com/2011/04/23/my-marathon/
    . . ./John

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