Full Circle

Lifelong Friends

Its amazing how sometimes in life things come full circle.

Twenty years ago, at Carleton University, I had a great friend, Todd Atkinson who I spent a tonne of time with – played hockey with, hung out with, partied with and of course studied with(well not really). I can vividly remember my first party at school was at his little apartment in Ottawa.

We hung out ALOT and were really good friends.

Shortly after graduation,  I went on to a journalism than a sales career and Todd entered the restaurant industry. We lost touch for almost 20 years.

Fast forward 20 years.  Through the magic of facebook, when we moved to Vancouver, I heard he was here and it turned out he owned a little cafe on West 6th Avenue, at that time was called Taste. Now its fittingly called Todd’s. I always called it that anyway.

The first time I went down to his cafe it was like we never missed a beat. It was like we saw each other yesterday. For the last few years, I am there almost every morning for coffee. Todd helped me through a very stressful time about a year ago, and I will never forget that.

We have since moved into the same building and now with Cadence to open in July, we will own businesses within about 100 feet of each other. Definitely not something either of us would have predicted at frosh week in 1988!

Todd’s is a nice little place with great food. Healthy salads, quinoa, specialty soups and sandwiches are all on the menu, and in the next month Todd will be utilizing his wealth of experience in shucking oysters by serving them every Thursday and Friday evenings.

He built a very well known oyster house in Vancouver and now is excited to do the same on this side of the bridge.

Once Cadence opens, be sure to drop in and say hello to Todd. He’s a great guy and is always himself regardless of who comes through the door.

I’m not sure how oysters will taste after a tough spin class but I’m willing to find out.

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1 Response to Full Circle

  1. Nicolette says:

    Well I can’t wait to try those Oysters and I think it’s the perfect reward after a nice challenging spin class, especially if it’s accompanied by a few sneaky sips of champaigne maybe :o)

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