To the dump!

This was a pretty exciting week for me.

Everything became real on Monday when we knocked down some walls and construction of the inside of Cadence began. I had some fun practicing some old Tae Kwon Do kicks to   remove the tiles and walls from the bathroom. I got a little excited at times and missed my mark but I’m a little rusty!lol

The electrician, plumber, drywaller, seamstress, designer, and three sound people all made their way in and out of the space this week offering their advice and preparing for their next steps.

Last week we decided on the signs for the windows and they should be completed sometime around June 15 or so.  Construction of the website should be finished by next Friday.

I have to say I have had alot of great support from many people who have helped me through the process.  These people will be written about in another post, but my thanks goes out to them.

This space will look very different in the next few weeks and I am starting to envision what it will look like in  just over a month when Cadence opens.

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  1. says:

    Hello, I’ve been researching where to take spinning classes, to no avail…and then someone I met in a store told me about your spinning classes. I understand you give private classes now – I would love to join, if I may? Karen

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