Website launching tonight!

Lenny in his element.

Finally after months of tweaking,  the Cadence website is ready to go and will be launched tonight.

I can’t say enough about my web designer, Lenny Ford from Mad Love Studio, and the work he  has done over the past 3 or 4 months on this.

He has been very patient with me and my apparent indecision on certain things, coupled with my glaring ability to over think.

I was introduced to Lenny by Bev Wong, who is amazing in her own way and was responsible for designing my logo, which I am also very happy about.  Almost everyone that I hand my business card to comments on how much they like the logo.

Lenny definitely started with a blank canvas on this whole project and worked tirelessly with me, not for me, to make sure I was happy with the end product. Whether he knows it or not, he also provided me with alot of insight into my business. Lots of great advice that will contribute to the success of Cadence.

Its also cool that Lenny is an accomplished cyclist and has been to my class a number of times with his girl friend Nicole. To watch Lenny push himself on the bike is a good indication of how hard he would work in other aspects of his life.

He is fighting hard for the “sweat record”, at Cadence and comes to class with the goal of achieving it every time.:)

Its been great to work with so many nice and helpful people from the start of this journey into opening Cadence. Virtually everyone that has been involved has been either a friend or a friend of a friend. The outpouring of support is so encouraging.

Lenny leaves for a month long bike ride to Mexico and is raising money for cancer in the process.

He has worked very hard in the last week to ensure the site was ready to go before he leaves tomorrow, even with the many last minute changes that I requested over the last day or so.

Thanks Lenny. Good luck. Have a great ride.

By the time you get back, Cadence will be up and running and you have played a big role in the process.

I am adding Lenny’s link for his ride for cancer. Lenny’s family was affected by cancer when his father was diagnosed last year. Donations go directly to research that helps develop the treatments such as the one he is now responding to.

Lenny’s Ride to Conquer Cancer


The Cadence website address is  It will be up this weekend.

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1 Response to Website launching tonight!

  1. Tracy says:

    I am super inspired by Lenny’s ride! Not to mention he is such a great guy and the website looks awesome!!

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