Cycling shoes at Cadence

I’ve been spending alot of time lately assembling cycling shoes for the studio.

Offering shoes is another piece to the puzzle that will make the experience at Cadence different from any other Spin classes in Vancouver. I’ve taken the feedback from people who have been to other studios across North America & understand how clipping into the pedals enhances your ride.

At Cadence we want you to get the most from your workout, so cycling shoes are built into the cost of a ride or membership. The women’s shoes are Shimano and the men’s are Diadorra. Both very popular names in cycling.

In the complimentary classes I’ve been offering at our temporary studio (our loft), its been interesting watching people who come in for the first time, and subsequent times after, in relation to the shoes.

Usually the first time they are either shy or skeptical about whether or not they should wear their running shoes (which is fine), or if they should venture into the world of clipping in and becoming one with the bike. Inevitably, the second time they come to class they B-line right for the shoes and find their size.

Shoes add to pedal stroke efficiency, allowing you to pull up on the pedals, especially when climbing and really do make you feel one with the bike. Please share your feedback on using the shoes for your ride with us – we want to ensure your experience at Cadence is amazing!

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